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  • Wildlife of Southern Russia

    Tour to the steppes, to the salt lakes, birdwatching, wild animals. The cruise through the lush maze of channels, islands and lotus fields in the Volga Delta.
  • Majesty of the North Caucasus

    The North Caucasus is a magnificent region! A trip there will sure become an unforgettable experience for everybody! Clean air, pure lakes, rapid rivers with potable water, sources of mineral waters, an absolutely grandiose top of the Caucasus mountains range, virgin forests, wonderful canyons, caves and waterfalls are only some highlights of this place! The Caucasus is famous for its multinationality - there are about 50 nations with their unique culture and traditions. The highest peak of the Caucasus and Europe is Elbrus (5642 m). The most popular areas for active rest are Dombay, Arkhyz, Bezengi, Elbrus, Adygea, that are the places of boundless mountains and vast glaciers.
  • Lake Baikal — the pearl of Russia

    Lake Baikal is the most magnificent Lake in Russia. A tour to the Baikal is available for everyone who wishes to see this natural wonder. Even the most demanding travelers will be amazed by the beauty of this deepest lake in the world! This trip will give you an opportunity to see such rare species of animals as Baikal seal and Baikal teal, which are listed in the Red Book. You cannot but enjoy this trip which will give you absolutely unforgettable emotions!
  • Kazan — the сapital of Tatarstan

    Kazan is one of the most amazing cities of Russia, where different cultures incredibly intertwined, making it a peculiar embodiment of the unity of peoples of this country.
  • Sochi. The Capital of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games

    Sochi is the south city of Russia and the capital of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. The warm sea, the gentle sun, fresh air, mineral waters and snow-capped mountains make Sochi the leading Russian resort. You will visit “Russian Switzerland”- Krasnaya Polyana and see the grand structures of the Olympic objects. This is one of the best seaside resorts in the world with the recreation climate! In addition, Sochi is one of the stages of the 2018 FIFA World Cup championship!
  • The Crimean peninsula — unforgettable beauty

    The Crimea is a wonderful place, that is coined exactly for relaxation! The natural resources of the Crimea are unique. There are absolutely diverse landscapes focused on a relatively small area: endless steppes, mountains, forests and caves and, finally, the Black Sea! There is a lot to see there! The Crimea has a centuries old history, witnessed by such extant monuments as the Sudak fortress, cave temples Mangupa, the ruins of the ancient city Chufut-Kale, bastions of Sevastopol, Bakhchisarai minarets, splendid palaces and villas.
  • Moscow — Great Capital of Russia

    A travel to Moscow will give you an unforgettable experience of the capital of the Russian Federation. A tour in Moscow takes only five days, but during that time you will be able to appreciate this magnificent capital city and to visit such places of interest as Red Square, the Kremlin, the Bolshoi theatre, Faberge eggs exhibition, the Spasskaya clock tower, Arbat and many other marvelous places of the Russian capital.


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