North Caucasus

The Caucasus is famous for its multi-nationality - there are about 50 nations, each one with its own unique culture and traditions.
Caucasus Mountains are located on the border of two continents - Europe and Asia - between three seas: the Black, Caspian and Azov. Most of the Caucasus Mountains located in the territory of Russian Federation. The Caucasus is one of 200 ecoregions from the list of World Wildlife Fund (WWF).The most famous peaks of Caucasus are - Elbrus (5642 m) and Kazbek (5033 m). Rest in the Caucasus can be divided into active and quiet.  

Active rest include outdoor activities, climbing, mountain hiking, rafting, jeep safaris, and horseback riding tours. Especially popular areas for active rest are Dombay, Arkhyz, Bezengi, Elbrus, Adygea - the place of boundless mountains and vast glaciers.
For a relaxing holiday in the Caucasus, there are many resorts and sanatoriums near mineral springs. Here you will find the most beautiful places with exciting views of mountain ranges.

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