Features of New Year celebrations in Russia.

1. New Year for Russians is probably the most important holiday of the year. Christmas is celebrated in January with much smaller scale than New Year.

2. New Year holidays lasts as much as 8-10 days.











3. Holiday fir-tree in Russia is called "New Year's tree" not "Christmas tree".












4. Primarily, all the gifts are presented in Russia on New Year's eve, not on Christmas.








5. On New Year Russians cook a lot of food, and mainly homemade, not using in most cases the restaurants. A lot of food. Even more than necessary. Perhaps, this is that generous soul!










6. Before the clock strikes midnight, it is customary in Russia to listen to the President's speech.












7. While the chimes strike midnight, according to tradition, you can write your wishes for the next year on a piece of paper, burn it and pour the ashes in your glass of champagne. And drink it.









8. After midnight it's often customary to start different fireworks.












9. The main New Year’s fairy-tale character is Grandfather Frost. It's a fabulous character of East Slavic folklore, the winter cold, turned into the tall old man. He has hard character, because the frost in Russia is really harsh. Grandfather Frost brings gifts in the bag for those children who all the year behaved well. Often depicted in blue, silver or red long fur coat to the floor, embroidered with patterns, in a hat, with a long white beard and a crosier in his hand, in the felt boots. Travels on the three horses.













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