The Peculiarities of Women’s Day - the 8th of March in Russia:

1. On this day everybody congratulates absolutely all the women, doesn’t matter if it is a little girl or an elderly woman. The age, social status or position in life are not taken into consideration!

2. The traditional present on this day is, of course, flowers! For the Russian it’s a symbol of women’s beauty and along with this it’s a symbol of spring coming. It is considered a bad form to give kitchen utensils on the 8th of March. Such presents as saucepans, pans, kettles can make a woman disappointed or even angry!

3. On this day women are traditionally free from different household chores. For this day it becomes their husbands, brothers or children’s business.

4. This day is traditionally a public holiday. In 1965 it was declared a day off for the whole country, so nobody works on this day.

5. Women are congratulated everywhere: at home, at work, especially by the colleagues, and even in the street, doesn’t matter if you know a woman or not.

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