Don Cossack Land

Day 1. Rostov-on-Don. Arrival at the airport (train-station). Transfer to your hotel

Day 2. City-tour Rostov-on-Don
After breakfast a tour of the city central area will take us through a city alive and vibrant, rising into the hills along the banks of the river Don near the Azov Sea. During its 265 years of existence Rostov has grown from a small trading-post into the administrative center of Southern Russia. Its magnificent old 19th century mansions, brick and mortar houses, block apartments, and 21st century tower office buildings are the testaments to continuing progress and a future of a continuing, growing economy. We will pass 265 years of architectural styles such as classicism, baroque, gothic and modern style. The city is rich with beautiful parks, theatres and museums, casual cafes and delightful friendly restaurants.

Day 3. Stanitsa Starocherkasskaya, Novocherkassk
After breakfast start of an excursion to the stanitsa Starocherkasskaya, an old typical Cossack village, once called "the Venice of the Don," built on an island in the Don River, is the place of the old Don Cossack Host (army) and served as the center of the Don Cossack homeland from the late 16th century into the very early 19th century. Today the small village, a UNESCO recognized historic location, holds the heart and soul of the Don Cossack people, their history, and culture. On this excursion to Starochrekassk you will come to appreciate the unique and truly remarkable way of life founded out of a spirit of independence and freedom the Cossack people became so well known for.
After lunch excursion to Novocherkassk, the recognized and traditional international capital of Cossack people the world over. From 1805 to present, this has become a significant cultural center for the entire region of Rostov. The wide streets were designed to accommodate the vast mounted cavalry of the Cossack army. The tour will visit Ataman's Palace, the Archway of Triumph, the buildings of the officer's assembly and military offices and fine mansions and homes of the 19th century. Here is the great Resurrection Orthodox Cathedral, built in New Byzantine style, where the Cossack army, horse regiments, assembled, for the blessings and prayers of all before riding to so many engagements from the wars against Napoleon in 1812 to the great conflicts of the 20th century. Museums, monuments, churches, and streets will open to you a scope of Russian history and personalities, the heroes, heroines, the villains and their fates you would never expect as you visit Novochrekassk, the capital of the Cossacks.
Return to Rostov.

Day 4. Taganrog, Tanais
After breakfast excursion to Taganrog (67 km away from Rostov).
Taganrog is a quiet, cosy town, founded by the tsar Peter the Great and famous all over the world as the motherland of the beloved and admired writer, Anton Chekhov. Taganrog is also the town where great composers such as Peter Iljits Tsjaikovski, writers such as Konstantin Paustovsky and the actress Faina Ranevskaya lived.
Beautiful streets, quaint cottages as well as 19th century homes of prospering merchants of the time still stand. Many museums will bring to light a period of gracefulness and charm in Russian history.
Afternoon time for strolling around the lively boulevard which its terrasses, where You can find the fortress building at the Tagany Rog Point.
After lunch You will visit the archaeological open-air museum reserve Tanais.
The ancient port of Tanais was founded in the 3rd century BC by Ionian Greeks from Miletus and was a center of trade, art and craftmanship for more than 6 centuries.
The area of the city ruins and exhibits in the museum building tell a story of life here on the frontiers of the Greek and Roman periods.
Return to Rostov.

Day 5. Azov
After breakfast excursion to Azov, a former important trade port, founded by Meotes in the first century B.C. The town of Azov is rich in museums monuments and buildings that will carry the visitor on a path from the time of the prehistoric and ice age world of human life to the historic times of the great Cossack defense and on through the 20th century. Here also you will find a connection with the times when this was a fortress of the Ottoman Empire and how ownership passed back and forth from the fortunes of war and treaties.
Back to Rostov. Transfer to the airport (train-station) and departure.

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