Land of the Amazons

 The ancient cities of the Bosporus Kingdom, relics and monuments of nomadic tribes, treasure of Sarmatian and Scythian tsars and the legendary Amazon women.

We suggest making a journey from Rostov-on-Don to sites near the Don Delta, the Taman Peninsula and the Black Sea coast to enter several mysterious and less explored ancient cities of the Bosporus Kingdom.


Day 1    

Arrival to Rostov-on-Don, the capital of Southern Russia

Day 2

Full day excursion out to the birthplace of Tchekhov Taganrog and ancient Greek colony of Tanais.

Day 3

Long day by road to Volgograd. On the way stop at the site of medieval capital of the Khazar Empire Sarkel.

Day 4  

Excursions to sightseeing  of the Siege of Stalingrad: the Mamaev Kurgan and the Stalingrad  Panorama.

Day 5

Long day by road to Astrakhan. Stops at the site of the Golden Horde capital of Sarai-Batu and the 18th century Kalmyk Buddhist temple.

Day 6   

Easier day visiting the former capital of the Khanate of Astrakhan, a pleasant city of canals, many old mosques in the Tatar quarter and the impressive Kremlin.

Day 7

Full day out in the Volga Delta down towards the Caspian Sea. a fairly leisurely cruise by boats through the lush maze of channels, islands and lotus fields.

Day 8

Trip to the capital of Kalmykia Elista, visiting the main Buddhist Golden Temple,  Monastery,  several stupas.

Day 9 

Another long day by road down into the Kuban steppe, to Maikop, the capital of the tiny Republic of Adygea.

Day 10

First visit the National Museum of Adygea in Maikop. Continue on down to the shores of the Black Sea to Gelendjik, where we visit a dolmen site, and on to the resort town of Anapa.

Day 11   

Full day excursion to Taman Peninsula, the scene of extensive ancient Greek colonization (Gorgippia,  Phanagoria, Germonassa).

Day 12  

By road back to Rostov-on-Don via Krasnodar with the visit to an important museum where more of the archaeological wealth of the region is displayed.

Day 13

We visit the two Don Cossack capitals:  the old capital, Starocherkassk, now a lovely sleepy little village, and the ‘new’ capital, Novocherkassk, which the Cossacks moved to at the beginning of the 19th century, now a large city.

Day 14

Morning excursion to Azov, the 13th century Genoese colony on the Sea of Azov. Than a tour of the very handsome city of Rostov itself, visiting the rich collections in the Regional Museum.

Day 15

The morning is free in Rostov. After lunch transfer to the airport for the flight.

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