Familiarity with the Khanty-Mansi

MansyDay 1. City on seven hills.
Arrivals. Meeting in the airport. Accommodation at the hotel
Tour of Khanty-Mansiysk "The city on 7 hills" with a visiting of historic city - Samarovo Archaeopark with sightseeing of stele "Conquerors of the Siberian land"; biathlon center; cathedral, "In the name of the Resurrection of Christ,"; the Central Square; the amusement park.

Day 2.  Trip to the national community "Kyshik".
Transfer to the river station. A trip to the national community "Kyshik", with visiting museum of national culture, the ethnographic museum in the open air, by locals.
Lunch visiting Khanty.
Master-class on making national souvenirs. A trip to the base by Nazim "Nazymsky a halt." Here, among the taiga nature you can fishing, cook over a campfire fish-soup of fresh caught fish, go to the sauna, and visit hunting cabin.
In the evening return to Khanty-Mansiysk.

Day 3. Ancient people in an ancient land.
Excursion "The ancient people in ancient land" with a visit to the Ethnographic Open Air Museum - "Torun-Maa" center craftsman.
- Hike to the Siberian taiga "Misme Trail" (translation - "Forest Fairy") accompanied by an experienced guide-ranger.
Free time.

Day 4. Transfer to the airport.