Wildlife in the South of Russia

DAY 1. Rostov-on-Don 

Arrival to Rostov-on-Don, the southern capital of Russia.

DAY 2. Rostov-on-Don and the Rostovsky Nature Reserve

Sightseeing tour of Rostov-on-Don: Embankment, the main street Bolshaya Sadovaya Street, Theater square, the Cathedral of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary, the center of the former Armenian city of Nakhichevan (which is a part of the city of Rostov-on-Don now).  Departure to Orlovsky district (to the east of the Rostov region).

Excursion to the center of rare animals (the Association "Wildlife of the Steppe") located in Khutor Manych

DAY 3. the Rostovsky Nature Reserve

Morning visit to State Biosphere Reserve Rostovsky.
Tour to the steppes, to the salt lakes, birdwatching, wild animals: saigas, bustards, etc. A walk through the area of the ecological trail "Riddles of the Manych Valley" (in mid-April time of wild tulips it is replaced by the route "Azure flower").

The trail is located in the protected area, along the shore of the lake Manych-Gudilo, it has a round route (about 1 km). Moving along the trail, tourists get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the Reserve.

Then, tourists move along the ecological trail "Don Mustangs". With a ferry to Vodny island, where wild horses live. Wild horses are one of the attractions of the Rostovsky Nature Reserve. There are few places on the planet where you can see free horses, including Sable island in Canada, Assateague island and Chincoteague (Virginia, USA).

DAY 4. Elista

Trip to the steppe of Elista, a capital of the Kalmyk Republic. These are the reaches of the steppe of the Great Silk Road, the former area of the Golden Horde. The modern culture of Kalmykia is primarily connected with the culture of the Kalmyk people — the only people in Europe who traditionally profess Buddhism.Sightseeing tour of Elista.
We will visit several stupas, monuments and the main temple of the city center, a huge Golden Temple, which is the largest temple in Kalmykia.


DAY 5. Yashkul - Khulkhuta

Departure from Elista in the morning.

We will spend the rest of the day at the Yashkul Wildlife Center, where we also see saigas. Watching birds in natural conditions (birds of prey and their nests), observing wild steppes, dunes.

The center of wild animals Yashkul Nursery is located in the central part of Kalmykia, in Yashkul district, near the village of Ulan-Erge. In the Saiga Nursery, visitors have a unique opportunity to observe the antelope-saiga, preserved only in the North-Western Caspian sea area of Europe. They have been the main symbol of the steppes of Kalmykia for a long time.

Departure to the Volga Delta in the direction of Astrakhan, on the way we stop in the village of Khulkhuta-a small village in Kalmykia on the highway Astrakhan-Elista. During the war, the front line passed there. Watching the military monument - "Memorial of the 28th Army".


DAY 6. The Volga Delta

Excursion to the Volga Delta, where the Volga, splitting into many eriks and arms, forms a unique flora and fauna.

Arrival at the Leisure center, free time.

Trip to the Volga Delta (2 hours).

Return to the Leisure center.

Relax at the territory of the base.

Departure to Astrakhan.

DAY 7. Astrakhan Nature Reserve

Travelling to Astrakhan Nature Reserve,

Trip through the Islands of the Reserve in the Volga Delta down to the Caspian sea. Eco-trail of the Reserve.

A leisurely boat cruise through the labyrinthine canals, islands and Lotus fields (Lotus blooms in August and in early September) on the ecological path "Found Delta". The route passes through 4 islands, each of which allows you to get acquainted with various protected biotopes and their inhabitants. The entire pedestrian part of the trail is equipped with wooden flooring.

DAY 8. Astrakhan

Sightseeing tour of Astrakhan, with a tour of the Kremlin. The old city walls were ruined long ago, but the impressive Kremlin with cathedrals and temples has remained unchanged to the present day.

Tour of the temples and cathedrals of Astrakhan, which illustrates the diversity and variety of faiths of this amazing city. The Tatar presence is still very visible in the look of the streets and in many old mosques in the Tatar area. Visiting several mosques and temples of various nationalities, including the Lutheran Church, the Armenian Church and the Catholic Church.

Transfer to hotel. Free time.

Dinner at the hotel.

DAY 9.
Transfer to the airport.

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