The rural tour "Visiting Russian Peasants" in the village Lysogorka, Rostov Region

Here there are quaint Cretaceous formations with a height of over 10 meters.
One kilometre North from the village Lysogorka the most beautiful kind of feather grass grows, so the area around Lysogorka is declared as a monument of nature.

1. Silicon-chalk outcrops at the pond
2. Silicon-chalk cave
3. "Bald" mountain
4. Underground springs
5. The Church of the Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary in the village of Kryukovo built in 1902 on the donations of villagers.
6. Oak forest at the village Kuybyshevo
7. Shale layers in the village Krynychny Lug


Tour program by days:

Activities in the village Lysogorka:
1. Walks to attractions
2. Fishing together with local people
3. Familiarity with agricultural and livestock activities of the local people
4. Familiarity with the work of a carpenter.

Conditions of stay:
1. Accommodation in a local home in a separate room with the facilities of home (shower, WC), entrance through common hall.
2. Meals FB, Russian home cooking from local products.


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