Visiting Nanai

An exciting journey begins at the pier of the Yacht club of the city of Khabarovsk. Tourists are accommodated on Board, after referring to the route, and after receiving instructions on safety.

The yacht has:

2 cabins with double bed and private bath.

You will be serviced by a crew of 2-3 people.

During the trip you can accommodate on the upper deck or the bow of the yacht.

We offer you a few green Parkings depending on the season and water level in the Amur river.

One of the sites is a unique natural Museum of Sikachi-Alyan.

Petroglyphs of Sikachi-Alyan is the heritage of the planet. 

Petroglyphs of Sikachi-Alyan are known since ancient times (the village of Sikachi-Alyan is the Nanai site of an ancient camp).

The first scientific description of the petroglyphs was made in 1859 by R. K. Maak.

Early petroglyphs belong to the Osipovsky culture, hollowed out with stone tools and date back to the XII-IX Millennium BC.

Archaeologists suggest that wild horses, painted on the boulders, existed in the Amur region only in glacial period.

Among the petroglyphs an image of a mammoth was found, perhaps the ancient people hunted them.

Late petroglyphs were dating from the third Millennium BC and they were carved with iron tools.

The petroglyphs are located in the flooded zone (at certain periods of the year not visible), during spring break can be damaged by ice floes.

About 300 scientific descriptions of individual rock art images were made. Currently there are somewhat smaller petroglyphs, about 200, some of them were lost pushed out by floating ice floes in the spring and are located on the river bottom.

It is assumed that some of the petroglyphs are not visible (boulder flipped by image down).

At the location of the petroglyphs the Museum under the open sky is organized.

The ethnographic Museum is located in the national Nanai village Sikachi-Alyan, it is a branch of the Khabarovsk regional Museum named after N. I. Grodekov.

Exact copies from some of the most famous boulders with petroglyphs were taken and concrete casts were made. Models with petroglyphs of Sikachi-Alyan are included into the exposition of the Khabarovsk Museum of archaeology (a branch of the Khabarovsk regional Museum. N. I. Grodekova).

Petroglyphs of Sikachi-Alyan are the objects of religious worship (shamanism) and a national symbol of the Nanai people.

Scientists still have not uncovered all the mysteries of these unique archaeological finds.

May be you will be able, visiting the site of the Museum under the open sky, to unravel the secrets ........

The journey will be not only interesting, but also informative.

We offer you to visit the national Nanai village "Camp of relatives" during the tour.

The program includs:

1. Excursion to upper petroglyphs (by boat or on foot depending on weather conditions).

2. Meeting and seeing off the guests in a folk style (concert).

3. Presentation of the community and its activities.

4. Master class for cutting fish, cooking the thals (the Nanai national dish of raw fish).

Tasting of national cuisine:

1.Fish-soup on fire (or soup of meat or fish with wormwood and mushrooms);

2. Ffish on the fire in its own juice or fish burgers;


3. Tala (Nanai national dish of raw fish with garlic, spices and sauce);

4. Tala potato with red fish.

5. Boiled potatoes with greengrocery;

6. Vegetable snacks;.

7. Caviar;

8. Traditional Nanai cereal jelly "Boda".

9. Natural berry juice;

2. Photo session in national Nanai costumes.

3. Nanai traditional games: archery, shot put, javelin, etc.

4. Participation in the quiz.

Overnight you can stay on Board or accommodate in the comfortable cottages with all fascilities, Russian sauna, fire on the riverbank.

Dishes of Russian cuisine, fishing at dawn (if water allows).

During the cruise you will see how different the river Amur can be. No wonder it is called "Amur the Father". And we will try to show you the national identity and folklore of small peoples of the Amur Region and to provide a comfortable and positive stay which will be remembered for a long time.


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