Baidar Valley


Start of the tour. Meeting of the group at 10:00 at the airport "Simferopol", near the restaurant with columns. From the airport will be arranged a transfer to Baydarskaya valley (120 km, 2 hours), from where we begin our journey around the Crimea. Bike day. After placing at the hotel will be light snack. Then you will get acquainted with your bikes, and the instructor will show you the particular drive in the highlands. Today is an overview circular walk through the valley and visits the beautiful lakes. (25 km).


Pedestrian day. Let’s change the activity. Take a walk on foot. Going up to the low mountain plateau of the Crimea, Baydar Yayla (623 m). Visit the temple of the Sun, which from afar reminds a stone flower, formed by the rocks. Admire by Laspinsky Bay. If you have time and desire, you will be able to visit the majestic mount Elias, which stands in splendid isolation hanging over the Cape Sarych. On the road you can swim in the beautiful mountain lake! (15 km. Set/reset of height: 716/716 m).


Bike day. Along an old Roman road going up to the mountain plateau AI-Petri Yayla. Take a walk along its steep rocks hanging over the sea. Climb up on Merdven-Kaya and there we will have a picnic with panoramic views of 360 degrees. (20 km. Set/reset of height: 743/743 m).


Pedestrian day. Today is a day of canyoning! Visit the Black River canyon, one of the most beautiful canyons of Crimea. River Black is derived from the Baydarskaya valley and empties into the Bay of Sevastopol. It is one of the most full-flowing rivers of the Crimea, which is on its way creates a lot of creeks and waterfalls. If time permits, we can explore the once-secret facility No. 221 — backup command of the Black Sea Fleet. (18 km. Set/reset height: 699/741 m).


Bike day. Say goodbye to Baydarskaya valley and start the road which lies on the other side of the mountain range along the coast of South Beach! Remain at the bottom small towns with strange names: Castropol, Muhalatka, Oliva. But we go on to our next hotel, which is located in the village Koreiz, between the mountain range AI-Petri and South coast beaches. (34./altitude: 1004/1201 m).

Day 6

Bike day. The last two days (today and tomorrow) we will ride on the South coast. Today we can visit the Vorontsov Park and Palace, and also little castle “Swallow's Nest”, which is the symbol of the Crimea, will swim in the sea. Either climb up the AI-Petri and from there went down (27 km away. Set/reset height: 1053/1053 m)


Bike day. Today we will drive along the Solar path, which was specially built for the walk of the Royal family, then we will visit the Livadia Park and Palace. The end will be on the seafront of Yalta. (18 km. Set/reset height: 400/503 m) Who wants can continue to rest on southern coast of Crimea. And those who need today to the airport, will have transfer (120 km, 2.5 hours). Estimated arrival time to the airport: 18-00.

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