Northern Baikal

Day 1

Arriving to the capital of Eastern Siberia town Irkutsk, meeting at the airport or railway station (guide with a sign "Sibiryaki"). Accommodation at the hotel, excursion to Architectural-ethnographic Museum of wooden architecture "Taltsy", Baikal Limnological Institute, village Listvyanka, taking part in a ritual of worship and welcome to lake Baikal, visiting the souvenir market. Returning to Irkutsk.

Day 2

Departure by comfortable bus to the Maloye (Small) Sea. Stop in the sacred places of worship to local spirits. Visit Aya Bay, salt lakes. Arrival to the Maloye Sea. Accommodation on sailing yacht\ motor ship. Meeting with the boat team and rules of conduct on the shipboard.

Day 3

Travel on the Maloye Sea: a visit to the Stupa of Enlightenment on island Ogoy, conquering Demons. Then a travel along the island of Olkhon, enjoying and gaining impressions from the beauty of Lake Baikal and Olkhon Island. Stop in the village Khuzhir, traditional worship to spirits, Museum, Cape Burhan, sandy beach of Sarayskiy Bay. Overnight in the Bay of Zama, for those who want - a bath, bathing in the lake, fishing.

Day 4

The transition to the Bay Zavorotnaya. Leisure, hike to the mountains, the taking photos of the gorgeous panoramic view of lake Baikal, fishing.

Day 5

The transition to Cape Kotelnikovsky, named in honor of the merchant, bathing in thermal fluoride-bicarbonate-sodium sources, which have no analogues in the Baikal rift, walk travels.


Day 6

Then, travel to Severobaikalsk. Sightseeing of the city. The transition to the Bay Ayaya.

Day 7

Walking tour to the glacier lake Frolikha, located in the Northern part of the Barguzin mountain range and famous for an abundance of fish!

The transition to the Khakusy, bathing in thermal hydrocarbonate-sulphate-sodium sources.

Day 8

The transition to the Chivyrkuisky Bay. Zmeevaya harbor. Leisure, swimming in the lake and thermal hydrocarbonate-sulphate-sodium sources.

Day 9

Leisure, Zmeevaya harbor, visiting thermal sources, fishing, traveling to Chivyrkuysky Bay, which is a special corner of the lake.

Day 10

The transition to the Maloye Sea. Along the way an overview of the beauties of the Holy Nose

Peninsula, overnight in the Zagli Bay.

Day 11

Sakhyurta village. Transfer by a comfortable bus to Irkutsk, arrival and accommodation at the hotel. Night City-tour. Transfer to the airport or railway station.

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