Novocherkassk is the capital of the Don Cossacks

This is one of the few Russian cities, built according to a predetermined plan, which also took into account the terrain. Founded by M.I. Platov, Novocherkassk became a favorite brainchild of the famous ataman. And now the name of M. I. Platov sounds in the name of the main city Avenue, monuments, the old high school.

Amazing beautiful Military Ascension Cathedral had been building over a hundred years, and twice it collapsed in the latter stages of construction. And in the crypt of the Cathedral the relics of Don repose — ashes of heroes of the Patriotic war of 1812: M. I. Platov, V. V. Orlov-Denisov, I. E. Efremov and members of the Caucasian and Turkish wars of the marching ataman Y. P. Baklanov.

In the historical centre of the city many old mansions are still preserved: Military office, guardhouse, Seminary, Court of justice, and the Triumphal archs, built to commemorate the victory over Napoleon.

Here appeared the first higher educational institution on the region — the Don Polytechnic Institute.

The city has preserved the buildings, which housed the Mariinsky Institute for noble maidens.

Here the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin collected stories of Don and the old Cossack legends. Vera Komissarzhevskaya started her theatrical career in this city. Only one season she played on the stage of the theatre of Novocherkassk, but brought fame to it for many years.

But this city remembers the tragedy of 1962, which broke out on the square in front of the Ataman Palace.

In Novocherkassk you will see the third largest in Russia, the Military Ascension Cathedral, the monument to the legendary Ermak, the conqueror of the Siberian Khanate. Here you will visit the Museum of Don Cossack History, to get acquainted with the fate of the famous Don atamans.

Ataman Palace will remind you about the brilliant victories of the nineteenth century and the terrible events of the twentieth century.

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