Elbrus from the South

Day 1. Arrival to Mineralnye Vody (Stavropol Region). Meeting at the airport at 14.30, group transfer to Terskol village at the foot of Elbrus (2200m above sea level).

Distance from Mineral Vody to Terskol is 250 km, journey time about 3 hours. Check in to the hotel. Acquaintance with the group and guide. Dinner.

Day 2. Acclimatization walk to the waterfall Girlish Ttress and Observatory of Russian Academy of Sciences (3095 m).

Day 3. On this day, the group moves to the the high-altitude refuge (3800 m), where they will spend the next few days and wherefrom will go for a decisive assault on the summit. The members of the expedition don't have to carry things for themself, because it is possible to go up there by cable car. A cook also rises with the products, packed into boxes. After a light lunch is acclimatization climb to Priut 11 (4200 m). Overnight at the hut. No heating, phones can be charged from a generator. Facilities are out.

Day 4. Acclimatization hike to Pastukhov Rocks (4800 m). This is quite a serious height, which allows to assess the readiness of each participant for the ascent. From experience we can say that the one who came to Pastukhov Rocks during acclimatization, will be able to climb on top in the decisive day.

Day 5. A day of rest. In this day are not supposed major physical exertion. The guide will take snow-and-ice sessions for the group on the slope to teach participants to put crampons and use an ice axe.

Day 6. The day of ascent. An early wake up and a light Breakfast. Exit in 3 – 4 hours a.m. Usually, the groups order a snow tractor to climb by it from the Barrels (3800 m) to the Pastukhov's Rocks (4800 m) or to the beginning of the Oblique Shelf (5100 m). This saves at least 4 hours of walking and a lot of strength. Rent of the tractor is 500 Euros for 8 people with up to 4800 m and 1000 Euros with up to 5100 m. If one of the participants prefers to walk, he can do it with one of the guides. To the top (5642 m) the group climbs by 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. depending on the speed of the group. After the ascent is descent to the Barrels, dinner and overnight.

Day 7. When making ascent the previous day is the descent to the foot of the mountain. Optional free time – sauna, rafting, fishing, horseback riding. In adverse weather the previous day this day is used as a backup.

Day 8. Group transfer to Mineralnye Vody at 7.30 am. If you need to be at the airport early or much later, it is possible to order a taxi. The road to Mineralnye Vody takes three hours, the taxi fare is about 3000 roubles.

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