Elbrus from the North

Day 1

Meeting at the airport Mineralnye Vody at 2:30 p.m. Our guide meets the group, escorts to the hotel and helps to choose to hire the missing equipment.

Day 2 

Early departure. Loading backpacks, food and equipment into the UAZ-car. On the way you will see beautiful rolling hills and gorges. In order to enjoy the beauty and take breath, we will make a stop in the most beautiful places of our journey. The road passes through the territory of the Karachay-Cherkessia Republic, through the villages Khichibalyk and Khasaut.

Once we get to the tent camp (altitude 2500 m) and not a big rest, we are going for our first excursion: a visit to the warm mineral baths of Dzhily-su, which is famous in the Northern Elbrus Region. In addition to springs, we will visit the waterfall Sultan.

Day 3

We will have an excursion to the Valley of stone mushrooms. It is truly a miracle of nature! Almost flat area covered with huge stone mushrooms. This place is situated at a height of 3100 m. Here we can rest, tea, photography, stone mushrooms, as well as a climbing lesson for everyone. Descent and overnight in the base camp.

Day 4

We will ascend even higher – at 3750 m, where will be our camp. We can throw in there part of the equipment: crampons, boots, ropes, ice axes and more. Tomorrow we'll be back with the rest of the stuff, and today we go down for the last night in the tent camp.

Day 5

 We're moving to assault camp and bring there the rest of the equipment. Rest and settling in a new height.

Day 6

Today we will make acclimatization ascent to the Lenz Rocks (4800 m). At the height of 3800 m, we first go out on the glacier. In this place it melted, and its cracks are naked. We put on crampons, fastened to a rope and the first 500 metres we pass in bunches. Then the area of the cracks ends and you can go free.

Day 7

A day of rest. Over the previous days we are tired and now we need to recuperate before the final day of ascent.

Day 8

The day of ascent. The exit from the camp at 1 am. Immediately put on a safety system, crampons, headlamp flashlights. We meet the dawn above the Lenz Rocks. We go on top not later than 1 p.m. Returning to the camp at about 4 – 5pm.

Day 9

 The descent to base camp and visits to Dzhily-su or reserve day for ascent in case of bad weather the previous day.

Day 10

Return transfer by UAZ-car from Dzhily-su to Kislovodsk. A little rest at the hotel and farewell dinner with traditional Caucasian shashlik, and congratulations on the ascent!

Day 11

 Departure from kislovodsk.

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