Gods of Siberia


Siberia has a rich thousand-years history. In the ancient period there were conceived Turkic

 states, Chzhurdzhenskih and Mongolian peoples, as well as the Hun Empire and Tanshihaya  Empire. In the Middle Ages - the largest empire in human history - the Great Turkic Khaganate and the empire of Genghis Khan, later replaced by the Siberian Khanate. Participants of this tour opened archaeological treasures collected by the history in the open air.

Accommodation in yurts!

Day 1 of Khakassia. In the "Valley of the Kings" .
Arrival in Abakan, the capital of Khakassia. Accommodation in the hotel.
Excursion to the National History Museum.

Departure to the archeological digs in the "Valley of the Kings" (70 km). There are more than 50 large burial mounds, which are buried leaders of Tagar’s tribes.

Departure to "Badger Logue." Inspection of mound about 4-5 centuries. BC.
View of Big Salbyksky mound. This monument indicates power and wealth of the Tagars state(IV century BC.).

Departure to the Ugulkol lake (60 km) to another burial. This Uybatsky chaatas is burial from 3 BC. to 7-8. CE.
Return to Abakan (130 km). Free time.

Day 2: Journey to the "Valley of Joy".
Check out the yurt complex "Kug" to the bank of a small river Askiz, almost in the National Museum "Kazanovka". At this point, there is a boundary between two mountain edges - Altai and Sayani.
Each of yurts is designed for two people. Separately, a dining room, toilets, showers.

 Free time.

Day 3. Ancient rites and mysteries.
Visiting  Khurtuyakh-hol, "The old woman's sacred valley" (5 km). More than 4 thousand years inhabitants used this place for ceremonial.
Return to the yurt complex, rest around a campfire.

Day 4: The Legacy of different cultures.
Walking tour in the steppe valleys ancestors Chita-Hys "Seven Sisters." Here all the steppe covered by mounds. Visiting archaeological sites (Barrow of XII-X century BC). Inspection petroglyphs.
Inspection mounds of Siberian Scythians and mountain temple. Stop near the stone Ah-Tas ("White Stone"), which has healing power. Return to the yurt complex "Kug". Free time.

Day 5 Ancient steles and figures.
Exit (100 km round trip) to the stele Khurtuyakh Tas ("Sacred old woman" or "Mother of mothers").
Crossing to the Poltakovsky stellarium. Museum of rocks carvings "Poltakovo" - the largest in Siberia collection of rock paintings in the open air. There are more than 1000 images of six thousand years history of Khakassia.
Attendance the village Safronov with a visiting of priestly burial (6-5 centuries BC).
Visiting Kyzlasov village, with a tour of mounds of Scythian nobility (4-3 cc. BC).
Return to the yurt complex "Kug".

Day 6: Farewell to the Khakassia
Excursion to the nearby Mount Aar-Tag ("Respected mountain") with a tour of the Middle Ages paintings (13-14 cc.). From the top of the hill you can admire the stunning views of the foothills of Sayan and Kuznetsk Alatau.
Here is performed ritual farewell to Khakassia. This is the binding of the ribbons.
Departure to Abakan (140 km). Transfer to the airport or at the train station.

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