Day 1

Arrival to St.-Petersburg. Short excursion in the city center in the evening.

Day 2

Morning city-tour visiting the prettiest places of the city: the Winter palace, the Strelka of Vasiliy' island and Peter and Paul Fortress. After lunch the excursion to the Russian museum, one of the biggest in Russia.

Day 3

The way to Petrozavodsk through Shlisselburg with the visit to Shlisselburg fortress on the shore of Ladozhskoye Lake.

Day 4

Morning city-tour in Petrozavodsk the capital of Karelia. After lunch the trip (by motor ship) to the open air museum of wooden architecture Kizhi placed on the island in Onezhskoye Lake.

Day 5

Excursion (by motor ship) to the abandoned place Besov Nos (Devils' nose) for meeting with good examples of ancient petroglifs (drawing of animals, birds, people, boats, fantastic creatures, solar symbols).

Day 6

Travel to the small town Belomorsk, where on the outskirts the fascinating group of petroglifs is placed.

Day 7

Excursion to Solovki island where old Orthodox monastery is renewed now. In the Soviet time the monastery was the prison for political criminals.

Day 8 

The long day by road to Sortavala with stops in very beautiful places with pine forests, mountains and lakes.

Day 9

Excursion to Valaam archipelago in the northern part of Ladoga Lake.

Day 10

In the morning the road to St.Petersburg. After lunch the visit to  Hermitage, the biggest museum of Russia and known worldwide due to the collection of 3 mil. masterpieces.

Day 11

Excursion to the main Summer Residence of the Tsars Peterhof with the visit of the Grand Palace and the park, located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland near the sea and about 30 km from St. Petersburg.

Day 12

Excursion to the small city of Pushkin, named after the great poet, and visit of Catherin’s Palace and the park.

The Catherine Palace, one of the most beautiful residences of Russian tzars is located there.

Transfer to the airport (very close to Pushkin).


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