Types of tours


The most fascinating places and ecosystems with which our country abounds: the Caucasus Mountains, Asian steppes, huge river deltas, Lake Baikal and many other things!

Old Cossack Settlements

This tour is devoted to typical Cossack villages and towns, old and new Don Army capitals. The tour is connected with introduction to the Cossacks on the base of the rules and interesting ceremonies, reflect Cossack culture. Just become a Cossack!

Battlefields of Southern Russia

Rostov-on-Don – Starocherkassk – Novocherkassk – Taganrog – Volgograd This tour is a discover of tragic pages of Russian history – the period of World War II in Southern Russia.

Wildlife in the South of Russia

This special nature route is an unforgettable trip for birdwatchers and for those who truly like wild nature in its variety. This vast steppe land is a home of many rare and endangered animals and birds like bustard, saiga and antelope, wild horses, etc.

Land of the Amazons

Greeks, Amazons, Buddhists and Tatars in South Russia

The Best of the Caucasus Mineral Waters

We invite you take tour around the main city of Caucasus Mineral Waters region, Kislovodsk. Its location makes it the most sunniest city around and nearby alpine meadows fill the air with magnificent fragrance. This is why this tour suitable for whole family

Acquaintance with Sochi

Discover the world-famous resort city of Sochi! Sochi is the capital of Olympic Games 2014. In addition, Sochi will host one of the stages of the championship FIFA-2018.

Land of Saiga

Vast steppe land is a home of many rare and endangered animals and birds like Saiga and antelope, bustard, wild horses. Southern Russian steppes are especially beautiful when blooming with tulips in spring. By the way, steppe tulips are ancestors of the famous Dutch tulips.

Skiing Sochi-Elbrus-Dombay

We are glad to present you a tour around beautiful mountain places in southern Russia. The best choice for those who want to see as much as possible in a fairly limited timeframe. In this tour you will visit the capital of 22 Winter Olympic games which took place in Sochi, and come to see the highest mountain in Europe- an inactive volcano Elbrus.

Sochi. The Capital of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games

We invite you to visit the Capital of XXII winter Olympic Games - Sochi City! Warm sea, gentle sunshine, fresh air, mineral waters, and snow-capped mountains - all conceivable resort factors make Sochi the capital of the Russian resorts. You will visit “Russian Switzerland”- Krasnaya Polyana and see grand structures of Olympic objects.

Elbrus from the South

Elbrus is the highest peak of Russia and Europe. Its Western summit reaches a height of 5642 meters. Elbrus is included in the program 7 summits (seven highest peaks of all seven continents) and therefore attracts a large number of climbers from around the world. You have a great opportunity to conquer this mountain with us.

Skiing in Sochi

Krasnaya Polyana is a prestigious ski resort, near the city of Sochi. Unique natural attractions and the great infrastructure for winter sports holidays attract many tourists.

Climbing on the toup of Mount Elbrus

ЭКО-ЭКСКУРСИЯ "Дикий лён на Маныче"

Уникальный тур в долину Западного Маныча к берегам озера Маныч-Гудило. Человек, попавший сюда в мае, сможет увидеть цветение дикого льна. Нежные полевые цветы завораживают сочетанием хрупкости и стойкости, своей чистотой и совершенством.

Acquaintance with the Crimea

Tour "Necklace of the Caucasian Mineral Waters"

For a few days of the program you will visit the most beautiful places of Caucasus Mineral Waters, get acquainted with the rich history of the region, its traditions, culture, national cuisine.

Crimea. The best.

On this tour you will have the excursions of the cities of Kerch, Feodosiya, Sevastopol and Bakhchisarai, and also will visit the Genoese fortress in Sudak.

Elbrus from the North

Elbrus is the highest peak of Russia and Europe. Its Western summit reaches a height of 5642 meters. Elbrus is included in the program 7 summits (seven highest peaks of all seven continents) and therefore attracts a large number of climbers from around the world. You have a great opportunity to conquer this mountain with us.

Novocherkassk is the capital of the Don Cossacks

Beautiful and tragic are inextricably linked in the history of this city, it was founded as the Don capital, cultural and education centre and residence of the Don atamans.

The rural tour "Visiting Russian Peasants" in the village Lysogorka, Rostov Region

The village Lysogorka is located in an ecologically clean place where you can enjoy the unforgettable panorama of the Don steppes.

Sevastopol. "The city Worthy of Worship!"

Don Cossack Land

The Cossack Land tour designed to uncover historical path and original traditions of the Cossacks, the glory and destiny of the Don Cossack leaders, the lifestyle of famous Cossack dynasties. Cossack passion of freedom, love for family, courage in battle, and remarkable skill as horsemen are famous all over the world.

Many-sided cities of Southern Russia

Rostov-on-Don – Taganrog – Tanais – Starocherkassk – Novocherkassk - Volgograd

The Crossroad of Three Religions

Christianity - Buddhism - Islam in the South of Russia Rostov-on-Don – Starocherkassk – Novocherkassk – Elista – Astrakhan – Volga Delta.

Adygea. A region of mountains and waterfalls.

Adygea is a land which will be remembered by numerous caves and waterfalls, rushing mountain rivers, endless meadows, mountain peaks sheltered by snow. Holidays in Adygea are marvelous in all seasons!

Literary Heritage of the Don Land

In this tour you can see the sites associated with the lives and writings of the pantheon of world known writers: Anton Chekhov, Mikhail Sholokhov, Alexander Solzhenitsin, Alexandr Pushkin.

From Crimea to Sochi.Along the Black Sea cost.

Sochi is the capital of Olympic Games 2014, as well as the location of one of the stages of the world Cup FIFA 2018. Crimea has a long centuries-old history, witness of which are extant monuments: the Sudak fortress, the cave temples of Mangup, the ruins of the ancient city Chufut-Kale, etc.

Agriculture of Russia South

Discover the peculiarities of agricultural production in the South of Russia! Viticulture and winemaking, leading its history since the times of the Cossacks, the processing of southern fruits and vegetables – all this will be met by the guests of the Southern regions of our country!

Astrakhan- Caspian city in Russia

Tour to Caspian Capital South Russian city- Astrakhan. With visiting monument of Peter 1, Volga Quay, Swan Lake, Astrakhan Kremlin, Boating on Lotus fields and Volga river delta, visiting Saray Batu-capital of Golden Horde

Trekking.North of Elbrus region

Excursions in Rostov-on-Don and Don region

Welcome to Rostov-on-Don and the Rostov region! We offer you excursions.

ЭКО-ЭКСКУРСИЯ «Территория Дончака»

Во время экскурсии вы познакомитесь с донскими породами домашних лошадей на территории на территории Дончаков «Гелиос», где увидите настоящих Золотых лошадей в естественной среде обитания – степных пейзажах.

Walking Tour to Bezengi

Amazing place, amazing people, crazy beauty and excitement is what you will get choosing this tracking!

От Вольного Дона до центра Калмыкии

Приглашаем Вас в путешествие в столицу Вольного Дона – город Ростов-на-Дону. Ростовская область удивит своей нетривиальностью: необычные архитектурные ансамбли, арт-пространства и авторская кухня Ростова-на-Дону.

Tour in Rostov-on-don “Rostov Saga"

Welcome to Rostov-on-Don and Rostov Region, inseparably connected with the glorious history of the Don Cossacks. History of the Great Don Army is a history of continuous protection of the southern borders of the Russian state from invaders. As it was noticed by Leo Tolstoy, "The border generated the Cossacks, and the Cossacks created Russia".