Types of tours


The most fascinating places and ecosystems with which our country abounds: the Caucasus Mountains, Asian steppes, huge river deltas, Lake Baikal and many other things!

Battlefields of Southern Russia

Rostov-on-Don – Starocherkassk – Novocherkassk – Taganrog – Volgograd This tour is a discover of tragic pages of Russian history – the period of World War II in Southern Russia.

Wildlife in the South of Russia

This special nature route is an unforgettable trip for birdwatchers and for those who truly like wild nature in its variety. This vast steppe land is a home of many rare and endangered animals and birds like bustard, saiga and antelope, wild horses, etc.

Land of the Amazons

Greeks, Amazons, Buddhists and Tatars in South Russia

Land of Saiga

Vast steppe land is a home of many rare and endangered animals and birds like Saiga and antelope, bustard, wild horses. Southern Russian steppes are especially beautiful when blooming with tulips in spring. By the way, steppe tulips are ancestors of the famous Dutch tulips.

From Crimea to Sochi.Along the Black Sea cost.

Sochi is the capital of Olympic Games 2014, as well as the location of one of the stages of the world Cup FIFA 2018. Crimea has a long centuries-old history, witness of which are extant monuments: the Sudak fortress, the cave temples of Mangup, the ruins of the ancient city Chufut-Kale, etc.

Gods of Siberia

Siberia has a rich thousand-years history. Participants of this tour opened archaeological treasures collected by the history in the open air.


This tour is devoted to archaeological sites of ancient peoples, art collections of the famous Russian merchants and manufacturers, unique wooden architecture, abandoned Siberian monasteries, masterpieces of Ural industry.

Great Sayan Ring

Сибирь для многих до сих пор остается землей загадочной и недоступной. Путешествие по Великому Саянскому Кольцу приоткроет завесу этой тайны. Вы познакомитесь с бытом сибиряков прошлых столетий,ощутите гостеприимство местных жителей, узнаете, насколько многонациональна и богата культурными традициями эта бескрайняя земля.